All About Me


Hello everybody!

My name Is Abbey and I am in Ms. Smith’s class grade 6\7 split. (I’m in grade 7). I live in Comox Valley, British Columbia in Canada.

I absolutely love horse back riding! I have only been riding for a bit more then than a year now but I think I will be riding for the rest of my life. I ride at a place called Sprout Meadows every Tuesday and I ride a horse named Cheyenne. My best friend, Ambar, also rides at Sprout Meadows too!

I also love art.  Almost every day I do art\drawing either at home or at school. Whenever I am at school and I see that we are doing art next I get really excited! Art is my favorite subject in school. I mostly sketch because I am not very good at painting but I still also enjoy painting.

My favorite food is pizza, chocolate if that even counts), fruits, pumpkin pie, raw vegetables and a lot more. For breakfast pancakes, waffles and French toast. (Probably some of the most popular breakfasts.)

I go in a club called D.I (Destination Imagination)  after school. If you do not know what D.I. is it’s a club that you go to after school that has challenges with fun skits, and challenges where you have to build towers or bridges and stuff like that, but you have to have them free standing or no tape or those types of challenges.

Some more fun facts about me – my favorite animal is a horse, I have a dog named Leo, I have a cat named Milo, and I have another dog named Piggy, my favorite color is purple, my favorite holiday is Christmas and I love school!

Goodbye and have a nice day.

Sincerely, Abbey