4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Abbey!
    I think that’s awesome that you have your friend in your riding group.
    Christmas is my favourite holiday too!
    In my horse riding group even though i have been riding for 7 years, i still get put on lead ,but we do trot though.
    I do art at home too!
    Is it fun playing with your dogs?

    • Hello Morgan,
      You like Christmas too! Whats your favorite part of Christmas? I like to spend time with my family and play games on Christmas eve. I think its cool that you go Horse back riding! Do you like trotting? I think its fun especially cantering! Do you ride western or English? I have a lot of fun playing with my dogs especially my dog Leo, because I love training him in my back yard. He can do all sorts of tricks now like jump over really high stuff, sit and even shake a paw! My dog Piggy cant do much though,I tried training her but all she can do is sit and roll over. Goodbye and have a nice day.
      sincerely, Abbey

    • Hello, Adnan
      Thank you for reading my post. Horses are my favorite animals because I think there amazing animals and I love riding them. I know a lot about horses and they truly are pretty cool animals! Do you know anything about cheetahs? I visited your post about Caucasian shepherds and it really cool! I also commented on it so make sure to go check out my comment. I have one question before I go. Where are you from? Goodbye and have a nice day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

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