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Katniss Everdeen ( 2012 )

Did you know that Katniss Everdeen is a really good hunter? Katniss uses a bow and arrow to do this, because she is really good with a bow and arrow! The reason I know she is really good at it, is because when she is hunting, she can hit her kill right in the eye! At the top you can see a picture of  Katniss Everdeen. Today I am going to talk about her and her successful learner traits.

You probably know that Katniss is from the book and the movie, The Hunger Games.  I don’t want to spoil the movie or book to much for you so don’t worry I’m not going to give away the really juicy parts. If you have never read the book before I highly recommend it! I watched the movie before I discovered the book but I wish  I hadn’t because as you know it is always best to read the book first, so if you are going to get into the Hunger Games make sure to read the book first!  

First of all, I think that Katniss is a big risk-taker because at one point in the games she was up in a tree and spotted a tracker jacker’s nest right above her. (A tracker jacker is like a wasp but much, much worse. I think if you get stung by more than five or six of them you will probably die right on the spot.) She cut down the branch with her knife while the people she was fighting against were right under her! While she was cutting she got a couple stings herself but not enough to kill her. This is just one way to show she is a risk taker but in the book she does a lot more risky stuff….

Katniss is also  compassionate, especially to another girl in the games named Rue. Even though Katniss is in a different district then Rue,  Katniss decided to team up with her because she knew Rue couldn’t make it without her. And she had to face it, she would have more of a chance with Rue then she would by herself. The way I knew she was compassionate to Rue is because she gave Rue more than half of her food. Another example was that, even when they where splitting up for a plan that they had, Katniss left Rue with the sleeping bag even though she also clearly needed it too, because in the games it gets super cold in the arena. She also showed compassion to Peeta ( the boy in her district, who is also in the games with her, since there’s one boy and one girl in the games from each district) for helping him with his wounds.  

And last but not least, I think Katniss is really strategic in many ways. For example, she is very strategic in her food supplies. She only eats a little every day and makes sure she always has a lot left at the end of the day. I  also think that she is strategic when she is hunting. She hits her kill right in the eye, like I said earlier, And last thing is when she tied herself in a tree at night so she couldn’t be spotted and she wouldn’t fall out of the tree! I thought that was really smart. She was basically strategic throughout the whole book\movie, and I think Katniss Everdeen is a very strategic and a very smart girl! 

Overall, I think Katniss follows all the successful learner traits! I think everybody should follow a bit in her foot steps by thinking ahead, being confident in yourself, take risks, be fair, collaborate, be compassionate to others, work hard to get the job done effectively, and know what has to be done. These are some things Katniss does and follows and I think you should follow them too, to become a very successful learner.

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