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Hello Everybody!

Which animal do you like more, dogs or cats? I like them both the same. They’re both great animals. I have two dogs named, Leo and Piggy, and one cat named, Milo! I made a post on Leo, so make sure to click the link and check it out! I might do posts on Piggy and Milo soon too, so come to my blog again soon!

Today I am going to be writing fun facts about both dogs and cats. and by the end of the post I will declare which animal is more interesting! I am going to have 6 rounds, and I am using # to  show which animal won each round. By the end of the post I am going to add up each animals #’s and tell you who won!

1.  A group of cats is called a clowder.  #

A group of dogs is called a pack, if they’re in the wild.

2. The average cat can live up to 12 to 15 years #

The average dog  can live up to 10 to 13 years, but it is different for  each dog breed.

3. The oldest cat lived for 38 years, her name was Cream Puff.   #

The oldest dog lived 29 years and 5 months, his name was Bluey.

4. The tallest cat in the world, is a savanna cat that reaches just over 9 inches!

The tallest dog, is a Great Dane named Zeus, he is around 44 inches tall!  #

5. The smallest cat in the world is named, Tinker Toy and she is 2.75 inches tall and  7.5 inches    long

The smallest dog in the world is named, Milly and she is 3.8 inches tall and 6 inches long.  She as small as a coke bottle! #

6. The longest tailed cat has a tail that is 44.66 cm long. Her name is Cygnus.

The longest tailed dog has a tail that is 76.8 cm long. His name is Keon. #

Since its a tie, I am going to add one last question, the tie breaker. The question is….. What animal can hear higher frequencies ? Believe it or not, A cat can hear higher frequencies. A cat can hear up to 60 kilohertz, while a dog can hear up to 40 kilohertz. Humans can only hear up to 20 kilohertz. Wow cats can hear really high frequencies!  Well that tells you, cats won!  Even though cats won, Dogs and cats are  both, in my opinion, equally interesting animals! Do you have any cats or dogs at home? Also,Tell me in the comments if you agree with me that cats won!

Goodbye and have a nice day!

Sincerely, Abbey

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19 thoughts on “Cats vs Dogs

    • Hello Nick, (or dad)
      Do you like dogs or cats more? By the sounds of it you seem to like dogs more. I did not know that Milo wakes up every night! I guess I am asleep at that time. Which of our animals do you like best? I am guessing you like Piggy the most. I hope you comment on my blog again soon! Love you!
      Sincerely, Abbey

    • Hi Abbey! My name is Jess Wessel. I’m a student at Stockton University in New Jersey. I definitely agree with your post that cats are the winner! I have three cats myself, named Solembum, Pumpkin, and Zuma. Yes I know, they’re not your typical cat names! But they still act like every other cat. My favorite part about cats is that they sleep for about 60% of their entire life! Sometimes I leave in the morning for school and when I come back 8 hours later, I see my cats still sleeping in the same exact spot they were in the morning. I don’t think they ever even moved! I really enjoyed the fun facts you gave us. I never knew any of that information and what surprised me the most was the smallest size for cats and dogs! I would love to see a picture of that. Although I don’t have any dogs I love them almost as much! Both are great animals, super cute and fun to play with. Well, thanks for listening and I hope all your pets are doing well!

      • Hello Jess,
        Thanks for commenting on my blog. Wow you have a lot of cats. I agree with you that they are very good sleepers. All my cat ever really does is sleep too, but it makes sense because he is very old. How old are your cats? My cat is thirteen and will be fourteen in May. Also what breed of cats are yours? Mine is a brown Tabby. Most of the facts really surprised me as well, but for me I thought the cat that lived 38 years was the most surprising. It is weird how a cat could live that long. I hope my cat lives that long!(: I agree with you that both cats and dogs are awesome animals. Both are normally so cute and cuddly. Well goodbye and have a awesome day!
        Sincerely, Abbey

  1. Hello Abbey. I have two cats and a dog named Taylor. I don’t know what I prefer, I like them both the same. I liked reading your facts and most of these I didn’t know. Bye now, Trey

    • Hello Trey,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! What are your cats names? Taylor sounds like a cute name for your dog! What type of dog is she?
      Its really hard to pick which animal I like better! They are both such cute, interesting and cool animals! (: Some of the facts even surprised me! especially the world record facts. ( Who knew a dogs tail could be that long!) Goodbye and have a awesome day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  2. Yep you are sound asleep when that little bugger starts meowing at 4:00 in the morning!!!!
    I like all our animals they all have their good and bad points, Piggy farts, Leo howls and Milo wakes me up. But they are all happy to see us when we get home which is cool 👍

  3. Dear Abbey,

    In my opinion I like dogs better. Dogs like to run, jump and play a lot. They are just a bit more energetic. Although some cats do like to play like that. I as well have a dog, her name is Luna. I have never owned a cat in my life. Well, maybe once, but it wasn’t really my kitten. My question for you is, where did you find all of these cool facts? Make sure to come check out my blog; here is the link:

    Giselle M.

  4. Dear Abbey,
    I actually prefer dogs mostly because they’re more energetic and active. I actually have a dog named Simba he is a beagle-chihuahua mix and he is 3 years old. I have a post about him if you want to check it out I’ll leave the link for it right here By the way I love how you made a battle with facts about cats and dogs I actually made a random fact post the link is right here
    Natalie V.

    • Hello Natalie,
      I agree with you that dogs are more energetic and active, but sometimes that can be hard, because you have to let them outside a lot and walk them everyday. It takes quite a lot of work to take care of a dog sometimes, especially if you have two of them. If you read my post on Leo you would know that he is a beagle mix like yours! (He is part springer spaniel.) He is a bit older then your dog though, He is almost 5 years old. ( his birthday is in 5 days.)
      I will defiantly check out your post on your dog, and your other post on random facts. My question for you is, If you got to choose another pet to keep (besides your dog) what animal would you choose? I would defiantly choose to have a horse! They are my favorite animals! What is your favorite animal? Goodbye and have a awesome day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  5. Hi Abbey! It’s Sarah. I really like the kind of post you did! I never would have thought of a sort animal fact competition. I think it’s really cool! I’m soon going to write a post about my animals. I have 1 dog that lives with me, named Thor, and another dog, Molly, that lives with my dad. My 2 cats, Max and Ruby, live with my brother. Personally, I like dogs and cats equal, even though my dog sometimes wake me up when I’m sleeping because he sees himself in the mirror. Anyway, I love the post! Have a great day!

    • Hello Sarah,
      Thanks for commenting on my post! I am glad you liked it! I will defiantly read the post on your pets after you have posted it. They all sound pretty cute! That’s funny that your dog gets scared when he sees himself in the mirror. I wonder why he does that. Why do you think he does that? What breed is your animals? I have two dogs. A beagle named Leo and another dog named Piggy. I also have a cat named Milo! Goodbye and have a nice day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

    • Hello Miranda,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am both a cat and a dog person, I think both of them are really great and interesting animals. How come you are more of a cat person? I will make sure to go cheek out your blog soon! Goodbye and have a awesome day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  6. Hi Abbey, my name is Erika. I am a college student at Stockton University in Pomona, NJ. I thought your blog post was well written and full of many interesting facts! Being a dog lover, I have never really put much thought into cat facts. I have always owned dogs and at the moment I have a toy yorkie named Riley. He is very affectionate and well behaved. I have never owned a cat, but I think it would be neat to own a bengal cat. I think they are stunning and unique looking. I was shocked to learn that cats can hear at a high frequency. I always thought dogs could because you hear about them being trained with the high pitch dog whistles (that humans can hardly hear). Thank you again for sharing these wonderful facts in your blog post. Keep on writing because you have wonderful talent.

    • Hello Erika,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad you liked my post! Oh, you have a toy yorkie! I have always loved those dogs, they are so cute with there little furry faces! i wish I had a very well behaved dog, it must be great! My dog pulls really hard on walks, and always barks super loud when he is looking out the window, and there are other dogs walking by. Its really annoying, especially when i am trying to watch TV. When I heard the fact about that cats can hear higher frequency’s, I was shocked too, for the same reason you where! Actually, a lot of the facts surprised me in that post, like the one about the dog, with a super long tail! Goodbye and have a awesome day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  7. Hi Abbey,
    I am Kevin from Stockton University in New Jersey. I was very interested in this post because I love animals! Currently, I have one cat named Oreo and one dog named Dallas. This makes it very hard for me to choose which animal I like more. Additionally, I work at a doggy daycare which means I get to be around dogs all day! Before working at the daycare, I ran my own business from home where I watched dogs and cats when their families went on vacation. Cats were much easier to watch but dogs were more fun (in my opinion). I like when you talked about what frequencies each animal can hear. Those were facts that I have never known before! Awesome post!


    • Hello Kevin,
      thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad you liked my post. Your pets have super cute names! What type of breeds are they? By the looks of the jobs you had, you really love animals! It makes sense that cats where easier to handle (since more then half of the time they eat) and also makes sense that dogs where more fun because they just have more personality. Well goodbye and have a awesome day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

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