Death in Space : Death by Mother Alien

Hello everybody!

Today I am writing about the 6th short scene in the video above. I chose this one because it is cute but is also very funny, and I like how after the alien eats her then acts like nothing even happened. I also like it how the mama alien is behind her watching the girl pet her baby, but the girl does not even know it.  Check out my story down below about what I think happened before the astronaut got eaten.

1.. 2.. 3.. blast off! Hello, I’m astronaut Abbey, and today I am searching for the rare Specie’s of the Mala Bala aliens on the moon. So exciting! My dad once said he saw these strange aliens before, since he is an explorer like me, but everybody thinks that is a myth. Well, I am here to prove them wrong…

About a week and a half later (on the moon)

There are rocks and craters, almost everywhere you look on the moon , but no aliens.

I  start to give up, and head back to my space ship, when my eye caught a large mushroom, tree kind of thing in the distance, that is about 10 times the size of me. What in the world is that?

As I got closer to it, I noticed there is a ladder that goes right up to the top of the tree, and because I am an explorer I decide to climb up it. I know no one normally would climb it because who knows what’s up there, but that’s just what we explorers do. It is our job.

When I got to the top, my arms and legs are very tired, so I knelt down to catch my breath, but when I looked down I saw something very, very cool, weird and cute all at the same time. There was a whole nest of some sort of baby creatures. There was only one though because the rest of them haven’t cracked out of there shells yet. He was so cute! I was to going to take him home and do some research and study’s on him.

I reached down and picked one up, smiling real hard because I have finally found them, I found what I was looking for all this time. I have found the Mala Bala aliens. And that’s when I saw a shadow hovering over me.

How do you think the story really goes? Please tell me in the comments.  Thanks for reading, and have a awesome day!

Sincerely, Abbey

Video Credits 

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

Disadvantages of Being Santa

A photo from pixabay

Hello everybody!

Most people would think it would be great to be Santa, but after this post you might change your mind.

One disadvantage that Santa definitely has, is he has to feed and take care of nine reindeer. Just think of having to take care of nine pets every day! He probably also has to take them for sleigh rides everyday, like we have to walk our dogs.

Another disadvantage that Santa has, is that he probably does not have any friends. (besides Miss Claus and the elves of course.) Everybody knows that nobody is allowed to see Santa, so how would he get other friends? ( He probably also gets pretty bored and lonely when it’s  not Christmas time.)

And just think about all the houses he has to go to all in just one night! Would you want to fly around for 12 hours, delivering presents to people you don’t even know? And also having to go down thousands of dirty chimneys! Me nether.

Last but not least, I think that it would be really annoying to have to eat so much cookies and milk in one night. He does not want to disappoint all the kids who put them out for him, so he eats all the cookies. If he weren’t magic, he would probably get sick and have a stomach ache all night. (I bet he does not want to be chubby either, but he has to, from cookies!)

If you agree ( or disagree) with me, or have any other ideas on disadvantages Santa has, then make sure to comment. Goodbye, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year!

Sincerely, Abbey


I am Nancy: A story about the homeless

Hello everybody!

I am going to share with you my story (that I came up with) about a homeless person who has to get through hard times and about the people who help her along the way.

Hello, I am Nancy. I am a normal person, with hopes and dreams, like any other average person, but I wouldn’t call myself average. As I am writing this, I am sitting in a sleeping bag. But I am not at a slumber party with my friends, or rapped up on the couch watching one of my favorite movies. I am on the street in a dirty, ripped up, old sleeping bag. I see myself as a normal everyday person but other people do not see me like that. Normally people are starring at me or ignoring me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes people laugh at me, which makes me want to cry, so I just hide under my sleeping bag. Maybe about every month, someone will come up to me and give me some food but that’s all. I always become instantly starving again the next day. I live in Vancouver, in a crack between a expensive jewelry store and a designer clothes store, and of course I can not afford any of that stuff. Not that I need it anyway.   

Day 1.

It snowed last night. I was freezing cold all night, and got frost bite on my toes! A nice man from a restaurant across the street came to me this morning and offered me a hot bucket of water. I guess he noticed that I was freezing. That hot water felt really nice on my toes though! Then he offered me some left over food that some people left this morning.  Maybe this was not the kindest offer ever, but it was better then nothing!  The guy promised at the end of each day he would give me all the left over food. He is a life saver! It was also the coldest day ever  today! I overheard a conversation that two people where having and apparently it is –15 degrees! Somehow I got threw the day but it was not that easy. People where laughing at me all day  sitting here on this cold day. I am now ready to go to sleep. I will write again in the morning…….   


Day 2.  

Today I woke up to the nice sound of someone playing a guitar on the street. I listened to the music for about an hour. It was soothing music that made my morning better then it would have been, but I am still starving. While I was humming to the music, I saw a little girl walking towards me with a bag of candy in her hand. She came up to me and showed me a dollar that she had in her hand. “here you go” she said ” This is my left over money from the candy store. Would you like a big sour key too?” I was very surprised that she was talking to me without  being scared. Most kids would scream at the site of me. I managed to get out a  quiet “yes please” so she put the dollar and the candy in my hand and skipped away yelling ” great doing business with you, have a good day!” I smiled and chewed on my candy…..Today I got the left over food again, but there wasn’t much. Oh well better then nothing. 


Day 3.   

Today I thought of going to live somewhere else, maybe in a crack between less expensive stores. I had all my stuff packed up, and I was ready to go. I took my first step and gazed down the side walk, and saw a little figure walking towards me. It was the little girl I saw yesterday! I decide to stay, because I am hoping she will bring me another dollar. I doubt it though. She came right up to me again but this time she had less candy in her bag  and handed me two dollars. “I decided to leave more for you” she said. I smiled at her and said “Thankyou so much” Then I caught her looking at me “you know what, you can have this too” she said, and handed me the candy bag.  I looked at her in shock. “I will just tell my mom I ate all the candy on my way home ” she said. Like yesterday she turned around and skipped away and  said again “Great doing business with you, have a good day!” “You too.” I whispered to myself 

I am so hungry now it hurts! I decide to go across the street to that restaurant to see if there is anything I can get with three dollars….. The cheapest thing here is a burger for 3.50 . I wonder if candy can fill in for 50 cents. I go up to the front and ask “I have three dollars and candy, Is that enough for a burger?” The guy looked at the bored that said burger – 3.50. Then he looked at me for about 5 seconds and said “Silly me, I guess I wrote the wrong numbers. He went up to the chalk board and erased 3.50 and put on 2.00 instead.  “So did you want a burger?”…… I Just finished  my burger and now I am on my way home. I  just got out the door and I look behind me. I see the guy changing that board to make  it say burgers – 3.50 once again. I looked at him and smiled, and at this time I noticed it was the guy who gives me food every night! And he tried to help me! I headed back to my little old sleeping bag smiling. 


2 months later 

The little girl ( which I soon found out that her name is Nicole,) kept bring me money and candy everyday. One day she explained  to me that her mom gives her $4.00 for candy everyday before she leaves for school, so that she can get candy on her way back home, and she never told her mom about me because she thinks she will get in trouble. I am so thankful for her. And the guy who brought me food every night got fired from his job when his boss found out he was bringing me food. I helped him through his bad days as well. I am also very thankful for him. Oh and guess where I am right now, I am in my house curled up in my new sleeping bag watching my favorite movie on the couch, and with  me is The guy from the restaurant who is now my loving husband,  and my 2 year old little girl who I named Nicole.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to leave a comment. Goodbye and have a awesome day.

Sincerely, Abbey

Remembrance Day

Damavand, Iran

Hello everyone! As you know today is Remembrance day. Today I am going to share with you my poem that I came up with last year, about Remembrance day! My poem is called “We Will Always Remember Them.”


For those who fought,

for those who died,

for those who lived,   

for those who tried,

and for those who saved our Canadian lives,

we will always remember them.  


For those who risked their courageous lives,

who left their daughters and their wives,

who fought at war and gave us peace,

we will always remember them.


I hoped you liked my poem as much as I liked writing it! I think I had about two or three other verses to the poem, but I forgot how they went……. Please tell me in the comments, if you have any favorite poems about Remembrance day, if you made up any poems or comment on what Remembrance Day means to you! ( Just some suggestions on what to comment )   ; )

Goodbye and have a nice day!

Sincerely, Abbey


Saleh Dinparvar via Compfigh