Death in Space : Death by Mother Alien

Hello everybody!

Today I am writing about the 6th short scene in the video above. I chose this one because it is cute but is also very funny, and I like how after the alien eats her then acts like nothing even happened. I also like it how the mama alien is behind her watching the girl pet her baby, but the girl does not even know it.  Check out my story down below about what I think happened before the astronaut got eaten.

1.. 2.. 3.. blast off! Hello, I’m astronaut Abbey, and today I am searching for the rare Specie’s of the Mala Bala aliens on the moon. So exciting! My dad once said he saw these strange aliens before, since he is an explorer like me, but everybody thinks that is a myth. Well, I am here to prove them wrong…

About a week and a half later (on the moon)

There are rocks and craters, almost everywhere you look on the moon , but no aliens.

I  start to give up, and head back to my space ship, when my eye caught a large mushroom, tree kind of thing in the distance, that is about 10 times the size of me. What in the world is that?

As I got closer to it, I noticed there is a ladder that goes right up to the top of the tree, and because I am an explorer I decide to climb up it. I know no one normally would climb it because who knows what’s up there, but that’s just what we explorers do. It is our job.

When I got to the top, my arms and legs are very tired, so I knelt down to catch my breath, but when I looked down I saw something very, very cool, weird and cute all at the same time. There was a whole nest of some sort of baby creatures. There was only one though because the rest of them haven’t cracked out of there shells yet. He was so cute! I was to going to take him home and do some research and study’s on him.

I reached down and picked one up, smiling real hard because I have finally found them, I found what I was looking for all this time. I have found the Mala Bala aliens. And that’s when I saw a shadow hovering over me.

How do you think the story really goes? Please tell me in the comments.  Thanks for reading, and have a awesome day!

Sincerely, Abbey

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Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

Where I Live

Hello everybody!

Have you ever gone skiing and then swimming at the beach all in the same day? Well here you can, in my home town, the Comox Valley.

I live in a small town, called the Comox Valley, in B.C Canada. We have lots of nature kinds of stuff in the  Comox Valley, like beautiful beaches, lakes and forests, that’s one thing I love about Comox. Another one of my favorite things, is how safe it is here, with no big shootings, robbery’s or crazy criminals and things like that. One thing I don’t like about the Comox Valley though, is that nothing really interesting ever really happens here, because like I said its a very small town, with only about 14 000 people living here.

If you ever get a chance to come visit here, I totally recommend going up to Mount Washington. Its a great ski hill from the bunny hill to lots of very challenging runs. No matter if your a great skier and are going up for some fun, or your just learning and coming up to try it out, either way it is still super fun to go! If you are not interested in skiing you can still come up and have a awesome time, with activities like tubing and snow boarding and even snowshoeing. I have not gone skiing for a very long time (since my parents are not that into it anymore) but one thing I remember about Mount Washington, from when I was little was the big ski lifts. I loved going up them, but I always got nervous at the end because I didn’t think I was going to get off in time. but I always did.


I also recommend going to Goose Spit. I know it sounds very weird, but its actually a great beach! When I where younger, and I went to Goose Spit, I really liked going to a place sort of behind the beach, and it has massive dirt slides that where really fun to slide down. ( although no matter how hard I tried not to, I still got really dirty by the end.) Another one of my favorite things to do there is go up and down these super tall stairs that are like 100 steps high. I know it does not sound so fun, but surprisingly it is. And plus it gives you a lot of exercise. Bonus! I really like the beach part too, because it is actually somewhat sandy. Although the ocean is a bit rocky, it is still fells good to cool off and splash around.

Rocky Empty Beach

Lastly, I absolutely love all the forests here. They are all so beautiful. I love looking at and learning about all the great nature that the forest has to offer. I also really enjoy the pine kind of smell there too, it is the kind of smell that gives me a very happy feeling inside, for a reason I don’t know why. I also think everything in the woods always looks so magical and beautiful, especially in fall. I guess you could say, all my senses are very excited when it comes to trips to the forest.

 Navarro Redwood State Park, Mendocino County, California

Well, Comox Valley is no Disneyland, but it still is not so bad of a place, so if you live close and are looking for a small vacation that is cheap and full of exploring, then maybe consider coming here. Overall Comox Valley is a great place, with great people, and great things to do. Please tell me in the comments a bit about where you live and where you are from.

Goodbye and have a awesome day!

Sincerely, Abbey


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Two Truths And A Lie

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Have you ever played two truths and a lie before? Well if you haven’t here is how you play. Today I am going to share with you two true facts about me and one fact about me that is a lie.  After please comment on which fact you think was a lie.

Fact 1.  Around a year ago, I had a butterfly in my butterfly catcher. It was one of those white ones that you normally see around summer time. I think her name was Milly. I only played with her for a day, and then let her go, so I did not really get much time with her but she still was really cute!

Fact 2. I also used to have 4 pet snails with my neighbors, that we found in my back yard. I think I had them around two years ago as well. they where super fun to play with and look at! We only kept them for two days (and had a sleepover that night) and when we let them go, it was pretty sad, but they where still pretty cool pets.

Fact 3.  I had caterpillars about two years ago, I collected them and my friends did too. I remember we had a club with them and had a leader or mascot caterpillar named Squirmy. ( he was the first caterpillar we found.) I also remember I had my own that used to climb on my books while I was reading them!

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my post! Remember to comment on what one you thought was a lie. Goodbye and have a awesome day!

Sincerely, Abbey


Disadvantages of Being Santa

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Hello everybody!

Most people would think it would be great to be Santa, but after this post you might change your mind.

One disadvantage that Santa definitely has, is he has to feed and take care of nine reindeer. Just think of having to take care of nine pets every day! He probably also has to take them for sleigh rides everyday, like we have to walk our dogs.

Another disadvantage that Santa has, is that he probably does not have any friends. (besides Miss Claus and the elves of course.) Everybody knows that nobody is allowed to see Santa, so how would he get other friends? ( He probably also gets pretty bored and lonely when it’s  not Christmas time.)

And just think about all the houses he has to go to all in just one night! Would you want to fly around for 12 hours, delivering presents to people you don’t even know? And also having to go down thousands of dirty chimneys! Me nether.

Last but not least, I think that it would be really annoying to have to eat so much cookies and milk in one night. He does not want to disappoint all the kids who put them out for him, so he eats all the cookies. If he weren’t magic, he would probably get sick and have a stomach ache all night. (I bet he does not want to be chubby either, but he has to, from cookies!)

If you agree ( or disagree) with me, or have any other ideas on disadvantages Santa has, then make sure to comment. Goodbye, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year!

Sincerely, Abbey



Winter WonderlandCreative Commons License Rodney Campbell via Compfight

Hello everybody,

As you know, winter is coming soon. I am writing about winter because right this minute I am looking out the window and it is snowing outside! I cant can’t believe its it’s snowing already! At the start of November!

Winter is my favorite season, besides summer of course. Winter is a time of year where we can have fun in the snow and build snow forts, go sledding, go skiing, build snowmen, have snowball fights, make snow angels and tons more.  When I get cold or tired I can go inside my house and have a warm cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire.

Another one of my favorite parts of winter is that our family goes on vacations a lot in winter. We go to Mexico in the winter often, because it’s really sunny there. even in winter! We go in winter because my mom and dad don’t really like snow very much. I’ve been to Mexico three or four times, all during winter. Where have you been for vacations?

I really like how pretty the trees look with all the snow on them, especially cedars. I have a lot of cedars in my backyard and they make me feel like I’m walking in a winter wonderland! What Is your favorite part about winter, and why? Thanks for reading and have a nice day! ( :

Sincerely, Abbey