Two Truths And A Lie

A post from pixabay

Have you ever played two truths and a lie before? Well if you haven’t here is how you play. Today I am going to share with you two true facts about me and one fact about me that is a lie.  After please comment on which fact you think was a lie.

Fact 1.  Around a year ago, I had a butterfly in my butterfly catcher. It was one of those white ones that you normally see around summer time. I think her name was Milly. I only played with her for a day, and then let her go, so I did not really get much time with her but she still was really cute!

Fact 2. I also used to have 4 pet snails with my neighbors, that we found in my back yard. I think I had them around two years ago as well. they where super fun to play with and look at! We only kept them for two days (and had a sleepover that night) and when we let them go, it was pretty sad, but they where still pretty cool pets.

Fact 3.  I had caterpillars about two years ago, I collected them and my friends did too. I remember we had a club with them and had a leader or mascot caterpillar named Squirmy. ( he was the first caterpillar we found.) I also remember I had my own that used to climb on my books while I was reading them!

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed my post! Remember to comment on what one you thought was a lie. Goodbye and have a awesome day!

Sincerely, Abbey