Disadvantages of Being Santa

A photo from pixabay

Hello everybody!

Most people would think it would be great to be Santa, but after this post you might change your mind.

One disadvantage that Santa definitely has, is he has to feed and take care of nine reindeer. Just think of having to take care of nine pets every day! He probably also has to take them for sleigh rides everyday, like we have to walk our dogs.

Another disadvantage that Santa has, is that he probably does not have any friends. (besides Miss Claus and the elves of course.) Everybody knows that nobody is allowed to see Santa, so how would he get other friends? ( He probably also gets pretty bored and lonely when it’s  not Christmas time.)

And just think about all the houses he has to go to all in just one night! Would you want to fly around for 12 hours, delivering presents to people you don’t even know? And also having to go down thousands of dirty chimneys! Me nether.

Last but not least, I think that it would be really annoying to have to eat so much cookies and milk in one night. He does not want to disappoint all the kids who put them out for him, so he eats all the cookies. If he weren’t magic, he would probably get sick and have a stomach ache all night. (I bet he does not want to be chubby either, but he has to, from cookies!)

If you agree ( or disagree) with me, or have any other ideas on disadvantages Santa has, then make sure to comment. Goodbye, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year!

Sincerely, Abbey


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