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Hello everyone! Today I am writing about Halloween and some of my traditions that I do on Halloween.

This year for Halloween I was a devil. What where you for Halloween? I thought the devil would be a unique costume but I was wrong. I saw a lot of people at my school and out trick or treating who where Devils this year. I guess it was a very popular costume this year. I probably saw over ten people in devil costumes! Did you see a lot of people in devil costumes this year or is it just me.

My Traditions

I go to my friend, Ambar’s house every year and a lot of her family and her family friends come (that includes my family) and we have a party! All the kids go out trick or treating together, in a big group and it gets super crowded at the front door of someones house waiting for candy! We always plan a big route to make sure that we get lots of candy! Around the middle of our route we stop at the fire hall and they hand out free hot chocolate, hot dogs and sometimes even Tim Bits!

When we all get back home from trick or treating we have the biggest, most epic, awesome trading session you would ever imagine! All the kids dump out all their candy on Ambar’s down stairs floor and trade. We trade Coffee Crisps for Smarties and Hershey’s for Kit Kats and so much more trading.

After trading almost every year we will show a haunted house for the parents. This year I was one of those people who walk you through the whole haunted house. I was  actually pretty creepy. I can walk up and down the stairs in a really creepy way that I wish I could show you but of course I can’t in a post.

First, picture yourself like you are actually walking through this haunted house. I walk you into a pitch black room  and slam the door behind you as I walk you through the dark room I make a creepy hum which gives it a really creepy effect.

Suddenly, a hand grabs you from underneath the table and you hear a high pitch scream which  scares you a whole lot! when we are almost at the door to the next room you hear banging from the other room and a soft “help me.” Before I open the door, I explain to you that I’m not going to come in with you for no particular reason. I push you in there and slam the door behind you.

I’m not to sure what happened in the other room because I did not go in the room, but I do know the lights flicker and there is a scary clown in there. Next I run to the last room to get ready to act. When you leave the 2nd room and walk into the 3rd room, my friend Thai is dressed up all scary and he runs out of the bathroom and stabs me. I scream as you run up the stairs for your life.

Well that’s the end. I sort of over exaggerated, but I am pretty close to the real thing.

Well that’s it. I hope you had fun reading all about my Halloween! I would like to hear about your Halloween and how it went for you, so make sure to leave a comment!

Goodbye and have a nice day.

Sincerely, Abbey

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