Remembrance Day

Damavand, Iran

Hello everyone! As you know today is Remembrance day. Today I am going to share with you my poem that I came up with last year, about Remembrance day! My poem is called “We Will Always Remember Them.”


For those who fought,

for those who died,

for those who lived,   

for those who tried,

and for those who saved our Canadian lives,

we will always remember them.  


For those who risked their courageous lives,

who left their daughters and their wives,

who fought at war and gave us peace,

we will always remember them.


I hoped you liked my poem as much as I liked writing it! I think I had about two or three other verses to the poem, but I forgot how they went……. Please tell me in the comments, if you have any favorite poems about Remembrance day, if you made up any poems or comment on what Remembrance Day means to you! ( Just some suggestions on what to comment )   ; )

Goodbye and have a nice day!

Sincerely, Abbey


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11 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Hey Abbey,
    I remember you writing this poem last last and I thought it was great and it still is exceptional. I love the two lines ‘For those who risked their courageous lives, who left their daughters and their wives.” How did you come up with all the rhymes? You are so creative!

    On remembrance day always makes me think of my great grandpa who fought for the Navy. We survived world war 2 but sadly he died of old age about 6 years ago.

    I loved your poem! Have a great day!

    • Hello Olivia,
      Thank you for reading my poem! I am glad you liked it! I do not really know how I made all the rhymes, they just came to my head I guess…
      My great grandpa also fought for the Navy. It would be funny if they knew each other! Probably not though, because there was like 1 million Canadian soldiers who fought in world war 2, but that would be cool. Goodbye and have a nice day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  2. Hi Abbey,
    Your poem is very deep and eloquent. I loved the opening of your poem “For those who fought,
    for those who died, for those who lived, for those who tried,” It marks the day World War One ended, at 11 AM on the 11th-day 11th month. Really great work!

    • Hi Jeannette,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad you liked my poem. I think the starting of my poem is my favorite as well. Originally it was going to be just that but I kept making up new lines so it ended up being a great big poem ( although I did not add all the other lines in my post) Well goodbye and have a awesome day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  3. Hey Abbey,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem. Even though we are from different countries, this poem means a lot to me as someone who has had many family members in the service. Now on November 11th, I can read this back to my family as a way of honoring my service members and all those others who are remembered on this day.

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Abbey,

    This poem is exceptional. It evoked many emotions in me. I truly enjoyed the lines, “who left their daughters and wives.” It shows the sacrifices made by many of those who give their services. Your title, “We Will Always Remember Them” is an extremely fitting title for this poem.


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