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Hello everybody!

My name Is Abbey and I am in Ms. Smith’s class grade 6\7 split. (I’m in grade 7). I live in Comox Valley, British Columbia in Canada.

I absolutely love horse back riding! I have only been riding for a bit more then than a year now but I think I will be riding for the rest of my life. I ride at a place called Sprout Meadows every Tuesday and I ride a horse named Cheyenne. My best friend, Ambar, also rides at Sprout Meadows too!

I also love art.  Almost every day I do art\drawing either at home or at school. Whenever I am at school and I see that we are doing art next I get really excited! Art is my favorite subject in school. I mostly sketch because I am not very good at painting but I still also enjoy painting.

My favorite food is pizza, chocolate if that even counts), fruits, pumpkin pie, raw vegetables and a lot more. For breakfast pancakes, waffles and French toast. (Probably some of the most popular breakfasts.)

I go in a club called D.I (Destination Imagination)  after school. If you do not know what D.I. is it’s a club that you go to after school that has challenges with fun skits, and challenges where you have to build towers or bridges and stuff like that, but you have to have them free standing or no tape or those types of challenges.

Some more fun facts about me – my favorite animal is a horse, I have a dog named Leo, I have a cat named Milo, and I have another dog named Piggy, my favorite color is purple, my favorite holiday is Christmas and I love school!

Goodbye and have a nice day.

Sincerely, Abbey


6 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m in Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin, Texas. I wish I did horse back riding because it sounds so fun! One of my really good friends does horseback riding and says she really loves it. As far as your favorite foods, almost all of yours are my favorites. Also, I think chocolate definitely counts as a food.

    If you want to check out my blog, it’s at

    • Hello Rachel,
      I think its really cool that you live in Austin, Texas! I checked out some pictures of Austin because I was curios of what it looked like there, and it looks like a beautiful city. Horse back riding is really fun! Have you ever been horse back riding before? I have a couple more questions before I go, how is the school year going for you this year? What grade are you in? What is the weather like in Texas? Goodbye and have a nice day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  2. Hey Abbey,
    I Love horse riding as well…and we also ride at the same barn! It would be fun to do a lesson together. I’m not the best drawer but I still kinda like it. I feel like I’m better at art when there is no criteria to follow. I love all of the foods that you like.I really love pizza. Wheres your favorite place to get pizza? I like fresh slice. I was in D.I for about a month and then had to quite because it was getting in the way of my horse riding.
    Have a wonderful day,
    ~Kayley <3

    • Hello Kayley,
      it would be fun to do a lesson together, except for your probably better then me because you have been riding a lot longer then me! My favorite place to get pizza is probably panago. to bad you cant go into D.I anymore its really fun…. do you go into any other sports? Well goodbye and have a nice day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

  3. Hi Abbey,
    I really like how much information you put into your blog post and I think it’s really good. I also really like pumpkin pie and waffles. I would really like to do DI but I have sailing on Mondays :C. I also really like school.
    Have a great day,
    sincerely Thai.

    • Hello Thai,
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post. Is pumpkin pie your favorite type of pie? Another one of my favorite pies are apple, and one time I tried strawberry rhubarb pie and its really good to! Especially with vanilla ice cream. Are waffles your favorite breakfast? I like pancakes a bit more then waffles but waffles are great to! To bad you have sailing on the same day as D.I. Its really fun, but we do D.I in class sometimes to so you do get to do D.I sometimes there. Goodbye and have a nice day.
      Sincerely, Abbey

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