My Dog Leo

In the above picture, you can see my dog Leo in shorts and a shirt! The day I took this picture, I was doing a photo shoot for all my pets.

Leo is 3 quarters beagle and 1 quarter Springer spaniel. He is 4 years  old, although he’s  basically 5 because his birthday is in a month. Leo can do a lot of tricks like jump jumps that are as high as my knees go up to, shake a paw, sit, jump up on command and tons more! He likes to play fetch but he is not so good on the bringing back the ball part. I tried to teach him to play fetch but he does not seem to want to bring the ball back, so I chase him around my backyard about 10 times and finally grab the ball out of his mouth after we are both tired out.

Sometimes he even plays hide and go seek with me or tag! He loves people but barks at dogs when they are walking by, but I think he is barking at them because he wants to play with them.

Leo is a great dog but not so great when it comes to walking him. He will pull so much that your arm feels like its going to fall off! My dog Piggy is a great walker though. I will make a post about her soon so you can read about her too! I might also make a post on my cat, Milo.

Goodbye and have a nice day.

Sincerely, Abbey

2 thoughts on “My Dog Leo

  1. Hi Abbey,
    I have two dogs as well but you already know that. Lola is great for walks to and she is good at a few tricks like dancing( you have to let her lean on you) playing fetch, lying down, sitting and even rolling over( still working on that one). but just like Leo I have a dog that is terrible for walking to, Max. He has the opposite problem of Leo he is so slow you feel like your in slow motion, I feel like a slug could beet me in a race.
    I also have a cat named Eddie witch you also know as well.
    have a nice day,
    Sincerely Thai.

    • Hello, Thai
      Your dogs are super cute! I did not know Lola could dance! You will have to show me that sometime…I also did not know that Max isn’t the greatest walker. At least he is not as bad as Leo, who will almost rip your arm off! Does Max do any tricks? I feel really bad for Max because he is blind, but he seems to get around pretty good. I would hate to be blind, I would probably bump into everything, unlike Max. I wonder how he does it…Goodbye and have a nice day!
      Sincerely, Abbey

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